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Maritime and Harbor

Maritime activities are very specific and for that reason demand insurances to ensure their assets and operations. Cofargo acts in accordance with national and international vessel policies to meet all the requirements necessary for companies of this segment to have free action.

Practice Areas

  • Any maritime and harbor operations – EADs, Porto etc.

Products for harbor operations

  • Harbor blocking
  • Patrimonial
  • Liability
  • Harbor operator

Products for maritime operations

  • Hull and machinery
  • Container coverage
  • Maritime activities products
  • Loss of revenue
  • DPEM – compulsory insurance of vessels, which aims to ensure the protection of persons carried or not, including owners, crew members and their respective beneficiaries and dependents.
  • COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility)
  • Shipbuilder’s liability
  • Ship repairer’s liability
  • Strikes
  • War – insurance for protection of people, materials and equipment during ocean crossing in cases of civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising thereof or any act of hostility of or against a belligerent power;
  • P&I





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