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Increasing competition in the international market, high consumer demand, business legal issues, product recalls and other activities in the automotive sector directly influence the management of companies and therefore increase their almost daily series of challenges and risks.

These companies need to build a team of brokers with high professional skills, providing appropriate resources to contribute to a successful risk management.

Cofargo, whose staff has more than 15 years of experience in this segment, works with insurance of corporate fleets to ensure the vehicles integrity. Products offered aim at meeting everyday life’s need in this sector and keep ahead of corporate risks.

Practice Areas

  • Automakers
  • Manufacturers of original automotive equipment
  • Auto parts suppliers
  • Dealers
  • Industry-related companies


  • Traditional insurance – we offer collision and fire and theft coverage, 24-hour assistance services, spare car, among others. Traditional insurance coverage also includes Liability.
  • Blanket – The Blanket agreement expands coverage and guarantees, with the differential of not having to go through all the processes of a traditional policy. This product includes additions, substitutions and exclusions during its term, demanding only the advance notice of new vehicles for coverage.
  • Trigger – After setting the maximum fleet price in the policy that contains this service, companies have a Premium Deposit (additional amounts will only be charged when the claim exceeds preset limits).





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